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Full service

We take care of everything according to your vision– the dinner, the drinks, the decor (or more!) 

Your event manager is built into every package we offer. Eight weeks prior to event date, she'll help detail your preferences along a broad array of categories, and iron out any wrinkles you might’ve missed.


This information guides our multidisciplinary team of experts to develop precisely the celebration you have in mind for your cherished guests. We handle all the backstage and front-of-house practicalities on the day of your special event, because we know you'll be busy. You're entertaining!


  • setup before, staffed during, takedown after

  • exclusive chef and award-winning kitchen

  • ​In-house bar & bar service, fully tended

  • three (3) distinct location options

  • ​liability insurance

  • liquor license 

  • Lodging on-site at our scenic locations Millsite Lodge and The Oak at Millsite Farm

  • our own distinguished event design studio

  • Photo booth

  • Dance floor

  • Buffet

  • Plated

  • Cocktail reception

  • Dessert

  • Family style

  • Hors d'oeuvres

  • Stations

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